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Services Offered

DAKA Dock and Boat Lift Sales

Thousand Lakes Dock and Lift, LLC is an authorized dealer for DAKA docks and boat lifts. We have extensive experience working with DAKA docks and lifts so we can help you determine what is the best set up for your shoreline. Click here to learn more about DAKA docks and lifts. Feel free to call or email if you have any questions. We are more than happy to help.

Spring Installation

Thousand Lakes Dock and Lift closely monitors area ice conditions each spring. As soon as lakes are ice free our crew begins installing equipment. Installation includes placing docks and boat lifts in the water at your specified location and adjusting and leveling them to water levels. All brands of equipment are elligible for spring installation.

Fall Removal

When you are finished using your equipment for the year our crew will remove your equipment from the water and place it on your shore. We will remove your equipment whenever you are ready. Most removals occur in October. Thousand Lakes Dock and Lift, LLC guarantees your equipment will be removed before freeze-up. All brands of equipment are elligible for fall removal.

Delivery and Setup

Thousand Lakes Dock and Lift, LLC will pick up your new or used equipment, deliver it to your site, and install the equipment for use. If assembly is required our crew will assemble and adjust the equipment so it is ready for use.

Boat Launching and Pick Up

Thousand Lakes Dock and Lift, LLC will pick up your boat from storage, launch your boat and drive it to your lift. Similarly in the fall we will trailer your boat and deliver it to your storage facility.